Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

When is it and do I have to attend both conferences?

There are two in-person conference dates running, Layton, Utah, April 27–30, 2020 and Salzburg, Austria, May 21–24, 2020.

You can attend both in person, one in person and get recordings, or get the recordings for both (IVA Teachers only). So you could attend the USA in person and watch Salzburg recordings, etc.

Are hotel accommodations included in the conference price?

No, they are not. Your conference ticket includes all classes throughout the schedule. It does not include accommodation or travel costs.

Does the conference location offer accommodation?

The conference venues do not offer accommodation. For information on where to stay, please visit the accommodations page for further details.

Are there options for accommodation close to the conference venue?

Yes, there are several hotels and B&Bs within distance. We have compiled a comprehensive list on the accommodations page.

What airport should I fly to if I want to travel to IVACON?

The best option for Utah is Salt Lake City (IATA Code: SLC or ICAO Code: KSLC).

For Salzburg (IATA Code: MUC or ICAO Code: EDDM), the best option is Munich International Airport.

For details on how to get from either airport to the IVACON locations, please take a look at our travel page.

What credit do I get from IVACON?

For teachers in the IVA Teacher Training Program, IVACON covers the credit for your Teacher Training and Virtual Pass requirements for the year. If you choose to take any Private Lessons, you can also credit those to your requirements for the year.

Where can I find the IVACON schedule?

The full schedule will be published shortly as we confirm guest speakers and sessions.

Will I get to choose which classes I attend?

If you are not in the IVA Teacher Training Program, you can attend all classes that are marked for you on your schedule.

If you are a teacher in the IVA Teacher Certification Program, you can attend all classes that are marked with your specific level or with “All.” Classes marked as "Any" mean you can choose what class you wish to attend.

Can I choose whom I have my Private Lesson with?

When registering for a Private Lesson, you may request a specific teacher you DO NOT want to have lessons with, and we will do our best to accommodate you. However, due to the scheduling demands of IVACON classes, we cannot guarantee that your lesson will not be with that person.

Can I do mock testing/interactive teaching at IVACON during my Private Lesson with an MT?

If you are in the IVA Teacher Training Program, you can do mock testing/interactive teaching during your Private Lessons at IVACON. However, if you would like to do mock testing/interactive teaching, you must be sure that you have another teacher willing to miss classes to help you out as a student.

When will the Private Lesson schedule be posted?

The Private Lesson schedule will be available in advance. Announcements will be made during the conference, and you will be responsible for finding out when and where your lesson(s) will be.

Can I share a room?

You can share rooms, but you will need to arrange this between yourselves. IVA teachers can do this in the dedicated IVACON 2020 Facebook group. The IVACON Team are not involved or responsible for organizing any room shares.

When will the recordings be available?

We hope to publish recordings from each conference within 2 months of the conference taking place, if not sooner. Given the volume of data involved in recording all the classes, it can take some time to process them and upload for online viewing.

What payment plans are available?

There are a number of payment plans available to help IVA Teachers spread the cost of attending:
  • 1 payment of $747 USD
  • 2 payments of $400 USD (either two consecutive payments or one now and one in April 2020)
  • 4 payments of $200 USD
All payment plans must be paid in full by April 10, 2020.

Layton, Utah–Specific Questions

What is the Layton Venue address?

The venue is owned by IVA Mentor Instructor Charlene Adams:
On Pitch Performing Arts Centre
587 N. Main Street
Layton, UT 84041

Salzburg, Austria–Specific Questions

What is the Salzburg Venue Address?

The venue is Umspannwerk Aigen:
Geroldgasse 4, 5026
Salzburg, Austria